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The Staircase

The Staircase, because it is the master piece which allows a large scope for Artistic Creation.

The Granite, for the contrast between the hardness of the material and the softness, the harmony of the revealed forms.

The conjunction between the master technique and the artistic sensibility, give birth to real sculptures, impressions of palpable sensuality.

A masterpiece where all « is », where trickery has no place thus inscribing itself perfectly in space.

Situated in Brittany, we principally produce Staircases in Granit. We also do them in Sandstone, in Limestone and in Marble.

Working with Granite in this type of ouvrage (work) renders our production UNIQUE, BESPOKE. Our technical specificity and the use of traditional methods participate to the richness of the artistic workmanship.

The granite principally allows us, having a very large pallet of grains and of coulours available on the market, to associate any interior decoration project susceptible to integrate some architectural elements and some stone sculptures.

We differentiate ourselves form the traditional Staircase by using and respecting Ancestral Stone Mason Techniques relative to the stéréotomie (The Art of the Stroke).

Our optic is not a mass production but the realisation of a UNIQUE MODEL and the respect of the knowledge acquired throughout time.

The spirit of our team leans towards respect and the transmission of their knowledge.

Our works all have a point in common, which is « String-Board » and the « Spiral String-Board » in solid stone.

The « String-Board » can be tailor made. It can either be the support for a balustrade or else be sculpted. It is the spine of the Stairs.

The « Spiral String-Board » differentiate the work techniqually, should it be of the style from the « Renaissance » or « &#Modern Art ».

The Staircases curves may be used to elaborate an environement which may be too flat and give it some volume, thus allowing to give some shape in the area.

The spiral of some of our stairscases launches itself withou complex, imposing on the volume, it's ascending mouvement.