Bouarka - Offer 


Our Staircases evoke a sentiment of confort, of curiosity and of surprise.

We are able to work from a theme or a symbol. Design, traditional or modern, we adapte our work to correspond perfectly to it's future environment, in fact our maturity in the stone cutting allows us to link art with technique. We equally attempt with our rigour and our originality to transmit a prestigious elegant image in to our work.

We can work with all types of stone, the granite however, remains our preferred stone. All colours are represented and we can give them various types of aspects adapted to suit the taste of each client.

Resistance during time.

We manage and control the project from the study to the fixing,thus guaranting a single interlocutor for the Client.

The use of space, the research of the lightness in this mass of stone, the harmony of the form and colours remains the indelibile mark of our KNOW HOW.

Our technical level allows us to largely deviate the supports, the formes, the styles, the sculptures, the ornamentations, ...

Each piece of our work is a UNIQUE MODEL.