Bouarka - Offer 

Architect & Decorator

The Architect's taste, our technicity and the diversity of colours of the granite, offer a range of work which which can adopt to the Client's requests.

For modern works, we share our know-how and our artistic spirit with the Architect and his creativity.

You would be probably astonished as to the immense architectural potential of such work in stone, the connections possible between the plan and the space and the marriage of colours.

Let your imagination run wild, put their lines on show, allow them to embrace a sculptural movement and lightness, thus allowing the light to pass through, emancipating the space.

We will sculpt these volumes for you whilst respecting the matter and together we will perpetuate the traditions of our trade.

An element in space

We interprete the staircase not only uniquely, as a useful work of art, but as an element participating wholy to the harmonisation and to the atmosphere of the space.

Our Trade

Our Trade permits us to create not only Staircases, but also Balustrades, Squinches, Fountaines, Niches, Fireplaces, Archivolt Doors, ... all elements also participate in enriching historical buildings.

Finishing Off

Bushhammering, Polishing, Shelving, Sanding, Brushing and many other aspects enhance the desired finishing off on your work.


As Staircases in concrete often lack aesthetically, we propose String-Boards in block granite which permets them to be more ornate.

Our String-Boards can either be used as a holder or a self holder.