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The Granite

We work with Marble, Limestone and Sandstone.

The granite in it's difficulty to work, in it's toughness and it's character has imposed itself upon us, like being the material to tailored.

Granite is a product of our Terrority.

It's actual use in the realisation of our Highly Technical Master Pieces together with it's important pallet of grain and colours offir a diversity of styles ranging from Classic to Contemporary.

The Workshop

We re-actualise Ancient Methods of Stone cutting in order to serve the desirs of our Contemporary Clients.

We put our Expertise at your disposal, in order to help you define your project, on the Technical Plan or on the Artistic Plan. Thus the rules of our Art are maintained and respected.

Sometimes we portray an image of people from another time working a material in a region carrying a strong cultural identity and où working with granite is an ancestoral tradition.

Marry the useful to the beautiful is a definition of our Art and the key to our Success.


The junction of our finished prodcuts pass from a useful Staircase to a Piece of Art.

    The range of our Finished Products are :
  • Staircases
  • Balustrades
  • Vaults
  • Squinches
  • Niches / Alcoves
  • Arrière voussure.


We assure the following services :

  • Technical and Aesthetic Advice
  • Technical and Feasible Advice
  • Three Dimensional Study and Artistic Design
  • Resistance Caluclation
  • Model to a scale of 1/10