Bouarka - Elements 

The Vault

The Vault is very decorative. It's use is to support the Staircase.

It can either be in brick or in stone. In brick it can be installed using either « Nubien », « North Africain » or « Italien » techniques ; (according to the situation or to the Client's requests ). It can be in different forms : Flat, Vaulted, Straight or Circulair.

The Vault is an extremely difficult item to carry out. So complex that we make a point of honnor to do such in Granite. There are very few Staircases whch exist in hardstone throughout the whole of Europe.

The Arcs of the Vault help to kindle a good feeling and a sensation of security and protection.
Therefore, it would be regrettable to be prived off these Elegant Curves which intensify the intimity of your home or place. They also exhuberate a relief implified with charm and elegance. FRENCH CHIC at it's best.