Bouarka - Marc 

Marc Bouarka

My story began a long time ago in Gourin, Brittany, France in the heart of the Black Mountains. In Gourin, you have no choice in what stone to work with as there is mainly only granite. The Churches, the houses, even the mountains themselves breath the granite.

From the ripe young age of 16, Marc began his first year of C.A.P. (a French exam). Then, his trade permitted him to travel throughout France where he met men whom the stone has moulded ; the Stone Masons.

Today, he is one of them ; more precisely, a Granite Stone Mason.

    Marc continues to develop his learning process abroad in :
  • Switzerland,
  • England,
  • Australia,
  • United States of America
    Where he profounds his knowledge. He disovers :
  • Geometry,
  • Abstract Art,
  • The Curve
    He forges ahead. He has worked on the restoring of some famous, prestigious edifices, such as :
  • Le Fort St Jean in Marseille, in the South of France
  • The Sydney Synagogue, in Australia
  • The Houses of Parliment, in London.