Bouarka - Achievements 

Stair of Carnoët
Brittany, France (22160)

All the difficulties imaginable on a site - What a pleasure !
Here, our Clients let us have a « Free Hand » and, of course, I let my Imagination run wild !!
It is so agreeable to put your knowledge to the test, which I did here.
I am forever grateful to our Clients Mr and Mrs Colcanap for having had confidence and trust in my abilities.
Connecting / linking 2 circles with a view from above.

  • Raccordement de deux cercle en vue en plan
  • Stair Detail : All the steps are radiant
  • Width between each Stair : 0,90
  • Number of Steps : 15
  • Material : Yellow granite
  • Duration of Project : 10 weeks to complete