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This site has been created by Stone Masons in Huelgoat, Brittany, France. Between the « Trembling Rock » (la Roche Tremblante), the « Fairies Pool » (la mare aux Fées), « Arthus's Grotto », (la Grotte d'Arthus », the « Virgin's merry-go-round » (le Ménage de la Vièrge), the « Devil's Grotto » (la Grotte du Diable), there where Granite emerges from the depths of the earth.
Marc, completely and naturally, has installed his company here. It is here where he traces his curves, harmoniously and sensously, from which his UNIQUE STAIRCASES are brought to life.


Handcrafted, Bespoke, Chic, French Granite Staircases, using only Traditional Craftsmanship skills. A complete Natural Product.
    Styles may be
  • Art Nouveau, Modern, Classic or Unique French Design
    Our strengths
  • Agreed Price and Delay ALWAYS RESPECTED
  • Your Commission is not sub-contracted out
    Our client satisfaction
  • 100% with the finished product
    Classification to fire standards
  • MO French Standards
  • Equivalent :BS EN 13501-2,2007+A1:2009
Granite staircases, created by the hands of an ARTIST STONE MASON
Bring a touch of French Elegance in to your home, and have the « French Vision » adorning your demeure. Make GRANITE your choice; it is an alluring, natural, fire resistant material.
    The French are renowned for their CHIC, BESPOKE, design. Should it be in « Haute Couture » or « Haute Cuisine »; demonstrated by such famous people as Jean Paul Gautier, Channel, Hermès, Yves Saint Laurent, Paul Bocuse to mention but a few!
  • So, why not enhance your interior with a BESPOKE, HAND MADE FRENCH, GRANITE STAIRCASE.
  • TAILOURED TO SUIT EACH INDIVIDUAL. Your surroundings are part of your identity, your individuality. Our STAIRCASES will reflect this.
  • Whatever style you envisage, should it be « Dramatic », « Art Nouveau », « Classic », « Modern », « Light and Contempory » or « French Artisitc », we are able to create the STAIRCASE OF YOUR DREAMS! That certain « Je ne sais quoi »!

Company profile

    Staircase design
  • Our Artisan Stone Mason is used to working with Architects and Clients. Your valued commission will not be sub-contracted out.
  • We pride ourselves in SUPPLYING and FIXING the contract from start to finish.
  • We will measure, on site, then draw up the appropriate Architectural drawings necessary to complete the contract.
  • Once all parties are in agreement, we will then proceed to HAND MAKE, to your individual choice of design, your GRANITE, UNIQUE, MASTERPIECE. It is then transported to site, by our own professional Artisans. There is NO MIDDLE MEN involved on our contracts.
Z.A. du Vieux Tronc
Telephone Number
(0033) 2 98 99 76 17
Mr Marc Bouarka (English Spoken)
Company Details
Private Company (30 years experience in the Stone Masonry industry) with world wide work experience.
Our Company, based in Brittany, France has been established here since 1990, Before that date our ARTISAN STONE MASON worked all over the world, gaining a vast experience.

Mr Bouarka was also, one of seven chosen world wide to work on the University of Pitsburg.
    He has worked on such edifices as
  • V&A Museum, London
  • The Houses of Parliement, London
  • The Marleybone Hotel, London
  • The University of Pitsburg, Pensilvania, USA
  • Le Fort Saint Jean, Marseille, France
  • Le Château de Villandry, Loire Valley, France
  • The Opera House, Sydney and
  • Sydney Town Hall
  • to mention but a few...
After studying for 7 years, the Architectural Design, known as «Stéréotomy » in French, he then studied carving and painting in order to incorporate this into his STAIRCASES. Thus endeavouring to enrich and enhance each edifice which is commissionned.